How to spot a scam online

Internet marketing products bought online are full of low quality offers and many are designed to rip you off. This article provides 10 tips to consider when reviewing such products, providing guidance on how to spot a scam online and protect you from wasting money. If you are serious about building an online income, then make sure you’re alert to the ‘red flags’ we’ll discuss here.

The psychology

Most scams play upon basic human qualities that everyone has to some degree.

Many of these qualities are not very flattering, but, let’s be honest we all have them (at different times and in differing degrees, of course!). They include traits like fear, vanity and greed. You’re HUMAN, therefore, you often want to look and feel good and want more than you currently have. You may also fear the consequences failure – of falling behind your peers, or not being accepted or not fitting in. These are natural feelings and emotions that we all have from time to time.

Scammer prey upon these emotions to get you to act in ways that will benefit THEM and NOT YOU!

The Scammers footprint

That also means that most online scams have a few clear indicators. Take a look at this list and keep them in mind when reviewing offers. If you do, you will be taking large strides towards making more rational and balanced decisions, rather than one’s based on manipulation or negative emotion.

1. Over-inflated claims of success

Success overnight is not possible. Sorry, wouldn’t it be great if it was? But we all know that actually if something is worth building, then it will actually require some hard work, patience and persistence to make it happen. Instead you need to get a mindset that loves the journey as much as the destination.

Any product that claims $1,000’s of income in the first month is not telling the truth and should be treated as a scam.

2. Pressure selling – Now or Never!!

If arriving at a website you’re immediately faced with a countdown timer that is ticking down the minutes and seconds that a deal is available for, forget it! This is a cheap trick to create a feeling of scarcity to help make the item seem more valuable than it is. By just refreshing a page such as this you will instantly see the timer reset.

If a product is worthwhile, it doesn’t need pressure tactics to entice you. If someone is pressuring you, such as by stating the offer only lasts for a little while or that you’re somehow foolish for not taking advantage of this, they’re selling you a bad bill of goods.

3. Fake or crude ‘rich lifestyle’ pictures

If the product sales page has a big mansion, private jets, fancy cars, and expensive holidays emblazoned across it, chances are the product is a complete scam. Companies that need to showboat like this are often lacking in the credibility because of a lack of actual product quality. I would avoid these types of offers, because they lack integrity and ‘dangle the carrot’ of success without being honest about what is actually required for success.

4. Sloppy text

Does the website’s URL have any noticeable spelling mistakes or errors? If so, it could be a fake.

Does the site feature bad grammar, awkward phrasing or spelling mistakes? If it does, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a scam, but it does mean you should proceed with caution.

5. The product does not offer support.

One thing that I like to do with any product online is to test their support. If a product is legit and they truly care about their customers, they will provide timely “external” support and field any questions that a prospective customer may have. If you send an email to a company and you don’t get a response within 48 hours (the quicker the better), then I recommend that you avoid that program as it is a sign of things to come!

6. No Way to Contact on their Website

Is there an “About us” page? Does it show the real people behind the company? Does it provide any details about where the company is registered? If there’s little or no information about who the company is and what it does, you could be dealing with a scam.

7. Bombarded with jargon you don’t fully understand?

No matter how amazing the offer seems, if you can’t clearly understand exactly what it is and how it works, back away. If it’s being sold with jargon, back away.

Whenever marketeers try to dazzle you with words that are unnecessarily complex or unclear, they’re trying to hide something. Any product worth paying attention to can be explained in simple terms. Even complex things can be broken down if the person wants you to understand it.

Jargon is only used to confuse and misdirect people. If you don’t fully understand the proposition, walk away.

8. A Video “Only” Sales Page

If you go to a website and you see only a video, you have bumped into a scammer’s tactic. These are the product owners that “force” you to sit through their long sales pitches and that lack enough substance to provide you with any helpful or informative content on their site.

I get very frustrated and feel patronized by such videos – and, of course, the ‘call to action’ (usually the actual service price and the request for payment) is right at the end. Basically, what they’re saying here is, “I want to convince you to act, without giving you any real time to reflect on it, or for you to check the offer out for yourself’. Major red flag!

9. Popups asking you to download a piece of software or a “video driver”

Sometimes scammer’s won’t ask you for personal information but will ask you to install software on your computer. This software is usually malware, disguised as something else.

Scammers can make money through nasty malware affiliate marketing programs which incentivise and pay them to infect as many computers as they can.

Never, ever, ever download software to your computer from anywhere that isn’t completely reputable. If it’s not the official website of a software vendor, a software store associated with your model of computer or phone, or a very trusted third-party vendor like Amazon, don’t download the software.

If something pops up telling you it’s time for a software update, don’t download it by pressing the button. Instead, back up and go to the actual vendor for the software.

10. A 60-Day Guarantee.

A 60-Day Guarantee logo is not necessarily something to automatically put your trust in. It is a fair indicator that the product is a Clickbank product, which means it can be low quality.

If you notice ‘red flags’ as described above, don’t think the guarantee assurance makes it all OK. Particularly with high priced items ($500.00 and over), refunds can be very painful and protracted. If you’ve ordered via an affiliate, then the vendor may have already paid out a commission to them, and they are then out-of-pocket. You are entitled to your money back, but they can make it so difficult and complicated, in an effort to get you to give up and walk away with nothing

The ultimate guarantee is to let you try before you buy – something that is available with my own top recommended method for building an online revenue.

So few useful questions for you to consider

  • Does the provider require you to pay money up front? If so, why?

If they are requiring any sort of up front payment to use their services, it is invariably a scam. Many of them will claim that it’s for the cost of training / postage / membership etc. If you’re not convinced with their reasoning, then walk away

  • How are they making money?

There are only two ways that websites can make money from you: independently of you or dependent on you. In other words, websites making money independently of you don’t need you to succeed for them to succeed. On the other and, websites making money dependently on you need you to succeed in order for them to succeed.

A website dependent on you for their own well-being is much less likely to be a scam, since they cannot survive if you don’t make money. They will have more incentive to help you make money, rather than hurt you

  • What’s in it for them?

Are they trying to help us out of the goodness of their own hearts? Are they making a selfless sacrifice of their time to help us become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Not likely.

When we ask this question, we have to see through the lies. We need to recognize the reason behind false statements. For example, when they say that we could earn “$1000/day”, they actually just want to draw us into their web. Their ultimate goal is for us to give them money in the form of an up front “registration fee.”

Go forth with vigilance!

I hope you have found this article useful. I welcome any comments on what I have written or any of your own experiences of scams that would be useful additional knowledge for others to be aware of.

Is Richard’s Lottery Secrets a scam?

Are you looking at Richard’s Lottery Secrets and considering if it’s the real deal? Is there really is a system that allows you to dramatically improve your chances of hitting lottery jackpots time and time again? Or is this just a scam that has been set up to take your money with very little in return?

Well, I’m here to help you make that decision for yourself. Thanks for dropping by and landing on my honest review about Richard’s Lottery Secrets. I’m going to lay out below how this whole thing breaks down, and give you the facts of the case and my final recommendation.

So, is Richard’s Lottery Secrets a scam or does it actually work? That’s exactly what we’re about to find out!

I’ll break it down like this;

  • What is Richard’s Lottery Secrets?
  • How does Richard’s Lottery Secrets really work
  • Is Richard’ Lottery Secrets a scam?
  • Introduce you to the best way to build an online revenue for yourself

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What is Richard’s Lottery Secrets?

Program Name: Richard’s Lottery Secrets


Owner: Richard Lustig

Price: Free

Upsells: $200+

Recommended? No

My summary

Richard Lustig is the ‘Richard’ in ‘Richard’s Lottery secrets’. He claims that his program can increase your chances of winning lottery jackpots by up to 50 times. Richard says winning the lottery has got nothing to do with luck but by following his strategies you can significantly put the odds in your favour.

Richard’s Lottery Secrets is all of his tips and secrets he’s learned after years of trial and error to increase your odds of winning the jackpot.

So, if you head on over to, you’re hit with a big warning notice saying, “this video is very controversial and may be offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised”. Well, that certainly is one way to get someone’s attention!!!

What could be so offensive and controversial about Richard’s Secrets. Is he teaching something illegal? Is human sacrifice required for lottery success? I entered…with trepidation…..

As you play the video you’re told about a guy called Richard Lustig, a Florida-based 7 times lottery grand prize winner who says he’s willing to share with you these lottery winning methods that have completely changed his life.

Richard proudly shows off his big lotto checks, his house, complete with a swimming pool and cars and motorbikes parked on the driveway.

So, who is Richard Lustig exactly?

Well, actually the ‘late’ Richard Lustig, who passed away on 22nd July 2018.

He won over $1million between 1993 and 2010 and created quite a name for himself, appearing as a guest on CBS, Business Insider and ABC News. He’s also been written about in the Huffington Post and Fraud Files.

Lustig authored the book “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery” and claimed that from 1993 to 2010 his method was used in seven state-sponsored lottery games to earn him more than $1 million, from a scratch-off ticket that won him $10,000 to a Florida Fantasy 5 ticket that landed him $98,992.92.

Lustig was also known to provide lectures on his system and would appear on national television whenever a lottery grew large enough to get nationwide media attention.

Overall, Lustig won seven significant lottery tickets:

  • Win 1: $10,000 – Jan 1993 (scratch-off ticket)
  • Win 2: $13,696.03 – Aug 1997 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 3: “Wheel of Fortune” Holiday trip to Los Angeles – June 2000 (valued at $3,594.66) (scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 4: Elvis Holiday trip to Memphis – Oct 2001 (valued at $4,966) (scratch-off ticket “2nd chance drawing”)
  • Win 5: $842,152.91 – Jan 2002 (Florida Mega Money)
  • Win 6: $73,658.06 – Nov 25th 2008 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • Win 7: $98,992.92 – Aug 9th 2010 (Florida Fantasy 5)

Interesting that 2010 was his last lottery win. From 2010 to 2018 he was trading on his lottery ‘products’ and celebrity, rather than actually benefiting from the methods that he was selling to others.

In a lottery game where you pick 6 numbers from a possible 49, the chances of all your 6 numbers being drawn are 1 in 13,983,816. That works out at 1 chance in almost 14 million.

That means if you play every single week you could only expect to win about once every 269,000 years!

Everyone who plays the lottery knows the chances of winning are almost next to none. But for many the idea of it being a possibility, no matter how remote, gets folks regularly buying tickets in the hope of hitting the jackpot.

The real question is can Richard’s Lottery Secrets actually increase the probability of winning? What are his secrets?

1. Don’t use the “quick-pick” numbers generated from the store’s computer

Richard suggests that your chances if winning are reduced by playing with a random set of numbers each time rather than the same set of numbers consistently.

2. Keep your numbers the same

Richard’s next top tip is to stick with the same set of numbers, don’t switch them around. the only time you would actually change them, is when you win.

3. Play consistently

Richard says, “Never miss a drawing in the game you’re playing. Every Saturday, every Wednesday, every week,”

Frankly, these messages are not actually earth-shattering!

OK so let’s take the Secret No.1 & No. 2. Isn’t the number selection random, or am I missing something?

Here’s a great video from which makes it very clear there’s no way to increase your odds, no matter what your set of numbers is.

Then we have Secret No. 3

OK, so the more you play the more chances of potentially winning. – got to be in it to win it! However, ask yourself, is this advice worth paying for??

How does Richard’s Lottery Secret’s Really work

Here are five key points that shed more light on how this actually works

1. It’s Free!

That’s great! Or is it? Once you provide your details, the initial message is that will send you an E-Book, which is emailed to you as a PDF. But they make you pay the postage and packing…..of an e-book / PDF file? Ummm, that’s a bit misleading.

OK, the $3.00 require is a relatively small amount, but it jarred with me, in that it’s NOT free, because there is NO actual postage and packing cost to them.

Basically, it’s a small fee ‘hook’ to get you primed for future, more expensive products.

2. Time is running out on this highly controversial offer!

When you get to the website, you’re immediately faced with a countdown timer that is ticking down from 60 minutes. This is a cheap trick to make you think that this is a limited time only deal, when it isn’t, in an effort to apply pressure on you to buy. Just refresh the page and you will instantly see the timer reset.

And of course, the video is ‘very controversial’ and ‘may be offensive to some audiences’. A pretty cheap tactic to build intrigue and interest. Would a product that really delivers value need to adopt these tactics?

3. Negative reviews on his previous book

Richard also wrote a book entitled: Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery that sells for $39.82.

A very high proportion of critical Amazon reviews. Nearly half of all people who bought the book gave it a 1 star rating

Basically the book is very thin on content and the advice is basic. You could find the advice with a short Google search on the subject.

4. The upsells

Many people often fail to realize that low-priced products like this almost always come with more expensive upsells. This one is certainly no different!

This is what Richard shared with people promoting Richard’s Lottery Secrets, and that they can make more than $250 per customer.

Watch out for the lottery software offer and additional course, being promoted to you soon!

5. “Typical result equals zero”

Remember all those promises in the sales video they gave you about helping you win the lottery?

It turns out this is simply untrue.

Checkout the legal disclaimer at the bottom of their website and you’ll see these tips will make absolutely no difference to your chances of winning and is for ‘entertainment purposes only’ and that ‘typical results equals zero’, meaning this product does absolutely nothing to get you closer to hitting the jackpot.

Is Richard’s Lottery Secrets and Scam?

Richard’s Lottery Secrets is not an outright scam because there are some people out there that have got some helpful tips from the e-book.

But I don’t recommend it. Save your $3.00 and check out the many articles and videos online for free.

I also think the quality of the advice is straightforward but not deeply insightful. $40.00 for his book is expensive for what you get and many have been disappointed buy the lack of a ‘formula’ within his writing, and the simplistic content.

The sales techniques here are crude and for me, speaks to the quality of the product itself. Lustig himself was a promoter / agent for showbiz acts alongside his lottery ‘products’. He has been successful in using his lottery success to build a product revenue stream. He was a natural promoter, where he real skills laid, not in actually helping YOU improve your lottery fortune.

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How to build a growth mindset and how it can boost your online success

Critical to building an income online, is the ability to be focused and consistent in your effort in moving towards your goals. That means getting your mindset right. It’s a journey well worth embarking on, but it’s going to have its tough moments which you will need to dig deep to come through. You need a growth mindset, a mindset that understands that real effort is rewarded with mastery in whatever you fully apply yourself to. So let’s dive into how to build a growth mindset and see how applying it will give you the edge you need to succeed.

How many times have you heard that ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes online just don’t seem to work. (I’ve certainly reviewed a number of such schemes that you can search for on this site.) Actually, some of them work pretty well, however often not for YOU when you’re signing up to them.

No, the people that benefit are the one’s that prey upon others that actually want that magical formula, that allows them to sidestep the actual work required to successfully create a revenue stream online. That’s a fixed mindset in action right there! This is when someone feels that real effort is considered fruitless or worse, and will end in failure.

People with a growth mindset believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—talent is important, however it needs disciplined effort to turn it into something great – (remember the phrase success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration?). Do this and you cultivate a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

It was Dr Carol Dweck that wrote a really important book on Mindset. (Mindset – Changing the way you think to fulfil you potential). According to Dweck, when a student has a fixed mindset, they believe that their basic abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed and don’t change. You’re born with your skills and talents you have, and that’s that.

In a growth mindset, however, people believe their abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort, learning, and persistence.

Which one are you? Do you think you can change? Do you think you can pick up new skills quickly and effectively?

Building a Growth Mindset

Here are 10 things to consider and apply to build a mindset that is configured for success

  1. Place effort before talent

Hard work should always be rewarded before inherent skill. Think of it this way – do you have the insight, foresight and intelligence to set the goal of working as hard as you possibly can? Hard work is the variable you have total control over. So take control!

Be competitive through the time and effort you put into something. Out-work your competition, and you will almost always be out-smarting them as a result.

2. Think ‘Not Yet’

I read about a high school in Chicago where students had to pass a certain number of courses to graduate, and if they didn’t pass a course, they got the grade “Not Yet.” This sounds great to me, because if you get a failing grade, you think, I’m nothing, I’m not smart enough. But if you get the grade “Not Yet” you understand that you’re on a learning curve. It gives you a path into the future.

Try giving yourself a ‘Not Yet’ grade, when things don’t work out right the first time round whilst you’re building your online business. You will feel more comfortable with the outcome, and more open to the learning you got from trying in the first place.

3. Get really comfortable with getting feedback

Ask for people’s opinion on your work. Do it regularly, to quickly overcome any fear of being criticized. Ask for feedback with an open mind, not to validate how great you think your work is.

Think of it this way, if someone says they love your work, what good does that do you? They may really think that, or maybe they can’t be bothered or feel nervous about giving you some constructive feedback. Either way, you don’t get the opportunity to learn and improve.

If someone challenges your thinking and suggests a range of alternative ways of doing things, BINGO! You now have a different perspective on things that you didn’t have before.

BANISH your desire to be perfect. Be comfortably imperfect, and LEARN from how others see and receive you.

4. Give yourself regular opportunities for reflection

Look back at what you have achieved in the day. Importantly, think about what you learnt as part of your achievement, alongside what actually got done.

Imagine spending a whole day focused on one challenge, only to realize what you did needs to be completely re-worked. Demoralizing right? Sure, we’re only human and it feels like you’ve wasted your time. But have you? Maybe within the mistakes you made, was a learning that you have gifted yourself for the rest of your days – a learning that will make future days simpler and more effective?

Yeah, you’re going to be frustrated, but be disciplined to reflect on the positive, don’t beat yourself up and keep the bigger picture in mind.

5. Stop seeking approval

When you prioritize approval over learning, you sacrifice your own potential for growth.

Share a peice of work that you know is far from perfect and is not your best work, and see what feedback comes back. You might be surprised – YOUR view of perfect is not everyone else s.

6. Read about brain plasticity

The brain isn’t fixed; in fact it is the opposite. When you open yourself up to learning opportunities your brain creates new neural pathways and strengthens your capacity to think. Put another way, you can effect the way your brain develops with the right mindset.

Read a book or take a class on brain plasticity – it could serve as great motivation for you

7. Value the process over the end result

A growth mindset means that you enjoy the learning process, and don’t mind when it continues beyond an expected time frame.

Sure, set your goals and time frames and drive towards them, however not to the detriment of an important learning process. Build a flexible plan, that allow you to address what’s critical as it arises.

8. Question your assumptions

Today is not a great predictor of your performance 3, 6 or 12 months down the line.

Don’t assume that a goal is impossible based on the skills you have right now. Back yourself that you can pick up new skills. Ask yourself, “what do I need to get great at to achieve this goal?”

9. Try different learning tactics and techniques.

There’s no one-size-fits-all model for learning. What works for one person may not work for you. And also YOU will learn different things in different ways.

Perhaps you like to go through an online course alone, absorbing the material by taking lots of notes. That’s great, however make sure you mix it up too – firstly to keep things fresh and not too routine, but also to make sure there aren’t other routes to learning that you’re not taking advantage of.

How about going to listen to a speaker on the topic you’re learning, finding a mentor, or joining an online discussion forum? The trick here is to get yourself out of your comfort zone a little. This will sharpen the senses and open you up to new ideas.

10. Honor the struggle

And last, but certainly not least, honor the struggle. I love this phrase. It comes from Brendan Burchard. Basically, it is a message of acceptance that your challenges and goals will involve some struggle. If it was going to be easy, then it wouldn’t be a challenge at all, or a goal worth striving for.

If you honor the struggle, your mindset is one of gratitude that the struggle itself throws up opportunities to stretch yourself, improve and learn.

Remember the struggle is NOT your failure, and is NOT there to defeat you. The struggle is the OPPORTUNITY, so set your growth mindset to take encouragement and energy from it.

To your success!

I hope you find these suggestions useful as you find the best ways to build a revenue stream online. A growth mindset, when applied right will give you the strength to achieve all the success you desire.

I would be delight to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback for me.

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work? – Yes, if you put in the work!

After years of looking for the right opportunity to build an income online from home, here is the one that is REALLY working for me, and the one that I have no hesitation in recommending to YOU

Does Wealthy Affiliate really work for me? Yes, it really does, and why? Because it gives me all the tools, training, support and encouragement I need to put the work in myself! That’s the bottom line

A year ago I would never have imagined I’d be writing about finding the best ways to make money online. I’ve had lots of failures and disappointments along the way, but now I am on a steady, profitable and sustainable path. And it feels great!!

Basically, I’ve wanted to get some more income coming in for a long time. I’ve got a full time job in London, but I’ve got a family now, a wife and two beautiful children, and that needs some funding!!

I was looking for a way to make money ‘on the side’ to help pay for an annual family holiday, cover those horrible unexpected bills, and try to pay off my credit cards. Not extravagant goals, but ones that would really make a different to our standard of living.

And what happened. I was seduced by a range of different ‘too good to be true offers’. I was reading that loads of people out there are earning incredible amounts of money.

Weirdly, I found myself getting really sucked into the promises. Part of me kind of new that I should be wary of these big promises. But looking back, I think I really wanted to believe the promises so much, I somehow turned off the little voice in my head that said ‘Don’t do it!’

Well, someone might have been getting rich. Probably the folks creating these money making schemes. But not me!

I felt stupid, I felt tired and I felt down

So I thought again. Rather than chase after the quick money deals, I was going to invest in training myself to be an online marketer. I was going to invest heavily in this – drop several thousands of dollars to do this. I’m serious about this right? So, it’s going to be worth it!

Wrong again Phil! Lucky I came across a review online that told me about an alternative – something to check out before I parted with thousands of dollars of my own money….That’s when I heard about Wealthy Affiliate. That’s when things started to change, and change for the better.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that teaches people how to build their own websites focused on a specific niche and earn a regular online income from them.

Everything you need is included within one website and one community. You are provided with step-by-step training, easy to use website templates, top quality web hosting, free keyword tools and loads of support. You get support 24/7, 365 days of the year. Amazing!

Expensive right? NO! Actually it’s completely free to get started

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.There are literally thousands of affiliate programmes out there for every possible product or service that you can imagine, and so many people out there don’t realise this. Today there are 598,5oo,000 products that YOU can sell through this affiliate programs, right now!

For example you can go to a company like Amazon, sign up to their affiliate program, and start promoting any one of their products from your own website. They give you an affiliate link to put against your promotions. When people click on you links, it takes them to the Amazon site and if they buy something, you earn a commission!

Think of it this way…

Just imagine having your own business where your goal is to connect people with what they’re already looking to buy. Now imagine a shop…your shop…with a huge shop window. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people waiting to get into your shop..

Now imagine knowing EXACTLY what these people want to buy. So now you don’t need to ‘sell’ your products in the traditional way. You don’t need to persuade and negotiate. The people outside your shop know what they want – your job is simply to make sure your shop is providing everything they want.

To me, that sounds like a very good business model!! You? It’s also one that hundreds of people are making significant revenues from month after month.

Most people feel uncomfortable selling to others. I certainly do (and this coming from someone who once sold books for a living!). Well, affiliate marketing is not about selling. Instead, what you are doing is recommending products to people that will help fix their problem or find a solution to a problem they have.

“People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy”

It’s all about building trust and helping people out. If you can build a website that creates trust with your audience, and really helps them make good buying decisions, then you will succeed. And you can do this with any niche! That means you can build a business that focuses on your own interests and passions! Cool, huh?

Why does Affiliate Marketing Work?

You need a website. You’re going to learn how to build one with ease. This is critical because people will COME TO YOU, rather than YOU CHASE AFTER THEM. You will also learn simple and effective techniques to attract people to your website.

Just think, there are currently over 3.5 billion (and growing each year) people on the internet looking for answers all day long, 24/7. Do you think there is more than one person searching for,let’s say, how to make the perfect paper airplane? You bet there are!

paper airplane

So writing that one helpful article on your website can help way more than one person, it could be hundreds, it could even be thousands?

What if you have 200 of these articles on your website, providing information on the multiple ways paper airplanes can be made, or reviewing paper airplane products, that are each helping thousands of people?

What if those people are clicking on links within these articles, through to online toy retailers and buying?

Can you now see the Earning Potential?

Wealthy Affiliate connects you with programs that pay you commission after commission every time you bring to their online stores someone who buys.

Estimates say the affiliate marketing industry will grow to $6.8 Billion over the next 5 years!! Wow!

The more helpful you are in your niche, the better you will rank on search engines, the more visitors you’ll get and therefore the more money you’ll make.

You can potentially make money over and over again from just one article you write, creating a passive income because you’ll be earning on that one post or article for months and years to come!

How about if you had a bunch of these articles working for you, helping lots of people on the internet, and earning for you over and over again?

This is why having a website is critical – you are creating a magnet for potential buyers, by creating a site that is trusted by people to help them solve their problems.

If you don’t have a website, you’ll be chasing the ‘quick buck’ , and that means going down the route of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, which mostly cost you money and give you little in return.

Before we get started let’s take a moment and think about what’s needed to build a successful online business

Put very simply, to build an online business you have to dedicate yourself to it – if you were opening a shop in your neighbourhood, would you expect to have huge profits the moment you opened your doors to the public?

I think not. More likely you would work hard for months, building up your business, refining your service and winning the trust and support of your customers.

The same goes for building an online business – it takes time and consistent and steady application of effort. With an online business you also need to accept that building up your website and the content you write is not likely to pay you straight away. You have to put the effort in up front to get things going.

Imagine it like this – you need to put your shoulder to the ‘money wheel’ and push hard against it to start it rotating.

You apply pressure to the wheel initially however it doesn’t immediately start to turn. Only with sustained pressure will it start moving.

However, once that heavy wheel starts to roll, you have momentum to build on. When commission revenue starts to come, you will get the burst of excitement and energy from knowing your efforts get results, driving you to move the wheel faster and faster.

And the really cool part? That ‘money wheel’ continues to turn for a long time once you have got it rotating at the pace you want, with less effort than was required at the start.

If you’re serious about making additional revenue online, it takes time and effort. Period. However, keep the pressure up and you can easily build a profitable business that can serve you for years to come.

Still with me? Great, because Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools and the specific steps needed to get there. And I’ll show you how to get going FREE TODAY!


“But I’m not technical and know nothing about how to build a website!!”

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be. I was a total newbie to this online world and through Wealthy Affiliate had a website up and running in minutes! No kidding! And you will too.

You don’t need to code, that’s taken care of for you.

Just keep the concept of how affiliate marketing can make you money and let me guide you through how the Wealthy Affiliate platform can help make it happen

There are thousands of stories of how people starting with zero knowledge, now have a real, profitable online business.

The simple steps to making money with Wealthy Affiliate

Step 1: Choose and Interest and Niche

It all starts with a niche. This can be a hobby, something you’re an expert in, or a subject you feel passionate about. It could also be something you really want to learn more about.

The great news about Wealthy Affiliate with that your starter account allows you to jump right in and start building out a site

The fact is that ANY niche can be very profitable when done right. The real key is choosing the niche that EXCITES YOU! You’re going to be writing about this niche a lot, so find something that you’re going to LOVE doing.

The enthusiasm and energy for your niche will show up in the content that you create, and will be what your target audience picks up on.

Step 2: Build a Website

Don’t worry you will get the training that walks you through the process end-to-end. You can choose from countless customizable themes, and build on either a free domain or purchase one that you’ll own.

Your website is hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers and are automatically backed up. Therefore your site will never go down, and open to your potential customers 24/7.

Step 3: Attract Visitors to Your Site

Once you have your website up, with a few helpful articles you will start getting some traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to get UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC to your website and you don’t have to advertise your website if you don’t want to. You will learn how to find the most popular searches your target audience uses and how to rank on the first page of search engines so the biggest possible audience finds you!

Step 4: Earn Revenue

The affiliate programs you connect to are free to join. When you get people on your website, they will start clicking on your recommended products. When they buy – you get paid!

If you already have a product you want to sell online, then Wealthy Affiliate can help here too – you can use WooCommerce, to integrate a professional shopping cart and checkout all within your website. You can also accept credit cards and PayPal, to manage the whole process.

“It’s not about building a pretty website on a topic you are interested or passionate about and then hoping people will visit”

The Wealthy Affiliate process is about creating a highly targeted, niche website that will appeal directly to the people who are searching online for what you are offering. As a result your website will build momentum with every extra piece of content you post, helping your website rank high in the search engines. This will drive a constant flow of traffic to your site.

‘Jaaxy’ – The secret sauce that drives massive traffic to your site

Being part of Wealthy Affiliate means you get access to Jaaxy – their keyword research analysis tool. The training shows you exactly how to use this tool to maximize the amount of traffic coming to you site.

Jaxxy allows you to search keywords and provides data to inform you of the way you should position your content to ensure it gets visited and viewed by as many people as possible.

Whatever your niche, the key is to use Jaaxy to identify and then target low competition keywords to boost your content’s exposure and onto Page 1 of Google searches.

It is the use of keyword research which gives you a huge competitive advantage. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical to build a website that will grab people’s attention.

The Training

You literally have everything you need on the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build out your website and start earning. The training resources available are greater than any other training platform that I have seen.

The training is delivered in easy to follow sections, with content to read and videos to watch, delivered by Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate founders.

So much thought and attention to detail has gone into this. As such, you learn what you need at the time you need to learn it. Everything on the platform is organised and arranged so you can build your business in the correct way.

Here’s the main training, the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It comes in 5 levels with 10 lessons in each level.

If you’re a complete beginner, then LEVEL  1 – Getting Started is the place to head for

It’s really easy to follow, and each section gets you TAKING ACTION to build your site. I can tell you from my experience that, if you follow the training closely, do the ACTIONS suggested (and don’t skip over them), you’ll quickly start feeling confident that you’re moving forward towards your goals.

There is also a discussion area at the bottom of each lesson, where you can chat about the content of the course, ask questions, and hear how others are getting on. There’s no such thing as a ‘stupid question’. Guaranteed, if you get stuck on something, someone out there in the Wealthy Affiliate community has got stuck there before, and can help you out.

With a Free Starter Account you get access to Level 1 and the first 10 lessons ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Beyond the Online Entrepreneur Certification, there are even more ways to learn. The platform also offers a course called Affiliate Bootcamp that teaches you how to build a business with Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate program. So, even if you can’t think of anything that would be a good niche for you, you could actually promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you’ve opened your Free Account,take the time to engage in the platform and see if your experience is as positive as mine is. If that’s the case, maybe you’d like to promote Wealthy Affiliate yourself.

In addition to this, Wealthy Affiliate offers Weekly Live Training Webinars to Premium members which address the latest topics in affiliate marketing and moves your skill sets above and beyond the basic training. This as all recorded and available on the platform, with currently well over 200 past webinars to learn from when you need to.

You are never alone at Wealthy Affiliate

You will always find support and encouragement EVERY STEP OF THE WAY with the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This support is critical to your success, and is exclusive to its members. You post a question, then you get fast feedback and guidance. As such, you never need to be stuck for long.

  • There is a Live Chat section where you can post questions or request help.
  • Below any lesson within the training there is a Discussion Area you can follow and contribute to
  • You can post ‘Ask a Question’ to the community, where you get multiple options, ideas and opinions on how to overcome a challenge.
  • Or post a Blog Post to ask a question to the community
  • You also have a 24/7 technical support team with very quick response times


Membership Options

OK, so sounds good so far, right? Maybe you’re wondering where’s the catch? Are you waiting for the nasty price tag that gets revealed at the end?

If yes, I don’t blame you. So here it is;

Free Starter Membership – Absolutely Free

Premium Membership – $49.00 per month

Annual Membership – $359.00 (which works out as $29.92 per month)

That’s it – no up-sells, no hidden extra costs. Everything I’ve mentioned in this review is covered.

The only extra thing I have paid for is a .com domain from Wealthy Affiliate which is optional which is around $14.00 per annum

The Free Starter Membership you don’t even need a credit card to sign up with. That’s the level of openness and confidence Wealthy Affiliate have in their service. And with that you get;

  • To try out Premiums features for the first 7 days of Membership
  • 2 free websites
  • Use of Website Builder
  • Highly safe and secure web hosting
  • The First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp courses
  • Use of the Keyword Research Tool ‘Jaxxy’ – up to 30 searches per month


Once you create your Free Account, then you need to do two things;

1. Upload a Profile Picture

2. Enter a short personal Profile Description

This will allow you introduce yourself to the community, and kick start your engagement within it. When I did these two simple tasks, it was very encouraging to have a flow of people from all over the world messaging me to say hi and wish me every success online. That gave me a nice boost to get on with the free training, try out the web builder and figure out if Wealthy Affiliate was worth investing in.

Premium Membership

The cost of this monthly membership equates to very good value for money. $49.00 per month is roughly equivalent to just the web hosting part of your website with other providers. Think of all the massive extra advantages you get with Wealthy Affiliate at this price point.

  • 25 Free Websites
  • Hosting for 25 customer domain sites
  • Easy website builder
  • Private Domain registration
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Full Technical Support
  • 13 Classrooms to learn from
  • FULL access to all levels of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Unlimited ‘Jaaxy’ keyword searches
  • Live chat
  • Weekly training webinars
  • Private messaging
  • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate owners

Basically FULL ACCESS to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This FULL ACCESS will dramatically increase your chances of success with your online business, with the massive training resources and community support behind you.

I’m completely satisfied on the platform myself, and am beginning to see the training process work for me. Once I saw the first commission revenue being paid out I immediately paid the yearly subscription and reduced my overall costs considerably, once I knew I was in this for the long term.

That’s for you to decide, however I hope you can see that the steps to get there are clear, straightforward and risk free. And if you want to stop your membership and it’s not for you, you’re not tied into any fixed term agreement.

A deal on your first months subscription

As I’ve stated the monthly cost is $49.00, however if you sign up with the link below, I can get you a 59% discount for your first month and you’ll only pay $19.00 for you first month.

This is my strong recommendation – create your free account and you have 7 days of Premium services for free. Go Premium for one month at $19.00, and then review whether you want to continue or not.

That’s what I did, and boy did I get a deal! – in reality I got 5 weeks worth of the platform for $19.00 ($3.80 per week for some of the best affiliate marketing training in the industry!!). You can do the same.

I completed two-thirds of the Online Entrepreneur Certification in that time, as well as get very comfortable using the platform, researching keywords, building out my website and interacting with others on the platform. I loved it, and continue to this day.


So if you’re reading this, I suspect what I’ve laid out here is sparking more questions in your mind. So would you like me to be your Wealthy Affiliate Coach on the inside?

Look, I’ve not got the ‘I’m now earning $10,000 per month’ story just yet (but, trust me, I’m gonna get there!!) I’ve been with Wealth Affiliate for 6 months now, and am beginning to see results. What I can help with is navigating you through the training, and sharing with you my own experiences that will help you refine your niche and build out your website.

Even with great training resources, you still need to get over the bumps, and drive through some occasional frustration and doubts. I’ve been there, and have insights that will help you get your ‘Money Wheel’ turning as soon as possible.

If that sounds useful to you, sign up for your Free Starter account, using any of the links included in this review. Upgrade to Premium within you first 7 days, then I’ll be happy to me your Wealthy Affiliate coach.

I’m on the platform daily, so I can reply to you quickly, should you have any questions. I’ll also be messaging you the BONUSES you’ll get plus the 59% Premium Discount as soon as you’ve set up your new free account.

I sincerely hope we get a chance to work together on building an exciting online business!


FAQs Summary

Q: Is it really free to join? Where’s the catch?

A: Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. You don’t even enter any payment information when creating your free starter account. I think that says it all. Don’t you find it annoying when you provide payment details to get a free service. It feels wrong to me, and rather predatory and assumptive of the provider. Either I’m definitely going to need the service, or I’ll forget to cancel during the trail period and get locked into a long-term deal. Not with Wealthy Affiliate – it’s much cleaner, simpler and I think has more integrity.

The numbers do the talking. With well over 1,000,000 active members on the platform, people join for free, figure out the value it provides and then convert to Premium, to support them build their business.

Q: Do I need my own product of service to get started?

A: No, you don’t. You can be very successful without having any products or services of your own. One of the great benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest heavily in products, inventory, warehousing, sales, after sales, and all the details and overheads required for an offline business. This is a low set-up cost business opportunity, which makes it so appealing for home workers and people doing it to supplement their existing income.

Think of yourself as ‘an authoritative middle-man/woman’. You’re someone who knows your niche very well, you attract people with the same interests as you, then introduce them to related product and service offers they are likely to be interested in. Done right, it’s a very flexible, efficient and scalable business model

Q: Is Wealthy Affiliate just another network marketing (multilevel marketing) scam?

A: Not IT IS NOT. MLMs are based heavily on promoting recruitment. At Wealthy Affiliate you do not earn or benefit in any way from any of your referral’s commissions. Also, your referrals won’t be asked to do any recruiting themselves in order to earn. Your commissions are based on your efforts and your efforts alone. You’re not required to build a whole network of earners. You just focus on your niche and your online business.

Q: So where are the hidden costs? When will I get to the bit about handing over thousands of $ / £ to get what I need?

A: I’ve alrday quoted the price for the Premium Membership. You can also save further if you can afford an upfront yearly payment. All the training, hosting, and community activity is INCLUDED. The only additional cost is if you want to buy a domain through the platform. This is possible and prices are very competitive.

Prices have not changed since I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate, and I know people who have been with them for over 2 years and say the same. I’ve never been ‘up sold’ with new products. Instead, you get involved in a platform that is constantly evolving and generating useful new material.

Q: Is the training available on Wealthy Affiliate relevant to a website I already have?

A:Yup, you can upload existing domains to the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform. The training classes are relevant to total beginners and more established online marketers.

Q: Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?

A: No scamming here, my friends. This is a legit platform for people serious about building a sustainable business for themselves.